1. On the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) data is collected about the Website visitors, thus enabling the Website maintainer to evaluate how useful the Website is and how it could be improved.

2. The owner that collects data on the Website's visitors is SIA "Lagra", Reg.No. 44103021416 (hereinafter - Manager).

3. Manager's address: Valmiera district, Valmiera, Rīgas iela 7 - 26, LV-4201, telephone - +37125646262,

4. The Owner is constantly improving the Website with the aim of improving its use, so the Owner must know what information is important to the Website visitors, how often they visit the Website, what devices and browsers they use, what region the visitors come from, and what content they most enjoy reading .

5. The server hosting the Website can register the requests sent by the visitor (used device, browser, IP address, date and time of access). The data mentioned in this paragraph is used for technical purposes: to ensure the proper functioning and security of the Website and to investigate possible security incidents. The basis for collecting the data referred to in this paragraph is the Controller's legal interest in ensuring the technical availability and integrity of the Website.

6. Cookies are small files that the browser saves on the visitor's computer each time the visitor visits the Website in the amount specified in the browser settings of the visitor's computer. Individual cookies are used to select and apply the information and advertisements offered to the visitor based on the content that the visitor has viewed before, and thus make the use of the Website simple, convenient and individually suitable for the visitor. Additional information about cookies, as well as their deletion and management, can be obtained from the website

7. The Website uses cookies to collect user IP addresses and browsing information and to allow the Website to remember the visitor's choices. Cookies allow the Controller to keep track of the data flow of the Website and user interaction with the Website - the Controller uses this data to analyze visitor behavior and improve the Website. The legal basis for the use of cookies is the Manager's legitimate interest in ensuring the functionality, availability and integrity of the Website.

8.According to their duration, cookies can be divided into two basic categories - short-term cookies (stored on the computer until the web browser is closed, but then deleted) and long-term (permanent) cookies (stored on the computer for a longer time (depending on your browser and cookie settings) or until they are not deleted manually).

9. According to their functions, cookies can be divided into three basic categories:

-Mandatory (technical) cookies are important for providing basic website functions, such as placing products in the shopping cart, processing purchases and displaying website content. It is not possible to opt out of these cookies.

- Analytical cookies allow us to better customize the content of our website, and we use them in Google Analytics, which allows the Manager to analyze how visitors use the Website. You can learn about how the basic principles of Google Analytics work on the Google website The Manager uses the collected data in his legal interests to improve the understanding of the needs of the Website visitors and to improve the accessibility of the information published by the Manager. It is possible to opt out of these cookies.

- Marketing (including adWords and Facebook) cookies help to evaluate the effectiveness of sales channels. The purpose of these cookies is to display advertisements that would be relevant to the particular user and therefore more valuable to publishers and third-party ad placements. The "Facebook pixel" tool is installed on the site. The purpose of using this tool is to tailor content and ads to Facebook users. To learn more about Facebook's privacy policy, or to change your advertising settings on the Facebook platform, click here It is possible to opt out of these cookies.

10. The visitor can control and/or delete cookies according to his choice. More information about this process is available here at The visitor can delete any cookies that are on his computer, and most browsers can be set to block the placement of cookies on the computer. The visitor can refuse cookies in the browser menu or To make the necessary settings, the visitor needs to familiarize himself with the terms of his browser. If cookies are blocked, the visitor will have to manually adjust the settings each time the Website is visited, and there is a possibility that some services and functions will not work. We are adding links to resources for cookie management information for the most popular browsers:

Firefox -

Chrome -

Safari -

Opera -

Edge -

Explorer -[VV4]

More information on how to control cookies according to your device's browser can be found on the website:

11. Only those employees of the Manager who are responsible for analyzing such data can access statistical data about website visitors.

12. Unless otherwise specified, cookies are stored while the activity for which they were collected is performed and then they are deleted.

13. The owner confirms that cookies and statistical information will be collected, processed and stored in accordance with the requirements of European Union regulations, including the Personal Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016 of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU No. 2016/679.